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Powerful, Engaging, Life-Changing

You've taught, preached, cared, and mentored your teens. I would love to partner with you and be a part of taking your teens' walk with Jesus to the next level. 
Here's what teens say:

Maggie-12th Grade

Not only was it through Pastor Josh's preaching I got saved, but it completely changed my whole life. He speaks the truth of the Word and it always keeps me accountable. You can feel the Holy Spirit every single time he speaks and it's truly impacting on every person in the room!

Kyra-11th Grade

[Pastor Josh's] preaching has helped me turn my life around, it has made me want to live for Jesus and not for the world.

Wyatt-10th Grade

Josh's teaching has impacted me to continue on in school and to better myself as a Christian... I was in a terrible spot from family issues and bullying. I fell into depression. I called myself a Christian but I didn't act like it. I also fell behind in school. [His] teaching has reignited the flame within me to continue on with school and live in a proper Christian way which has made my life better in so many ways.

About Me

For the last 16 years I have been preaching the Good News of Jesus and I have no intention of slowing down. Being a youth pastor now for over 7 years, I am passionate about seeing revival come to the teens of this nation and the world. 

More than anything I love my wife, Liana and four kids. I also enjoy eating delicious food and having a good time with friends.  

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What Leaders are Say

Christina- Youth Ministry 2 years

He is real and bold and is always challenging teens to live a deeper, more purposeful life. I constantly find myself wishing I had someone like him to learn from when I was a teen. I could have avoided so many pitfalls that I and many others have fallen into and started living more intentionally from a younger age.

Kristen- Youth Ministry 7 Years

Josh is a dynamic preacher who inspires teenagers to pursue an authentic relationship with Jesus and fully devote their lives to the things of the Kingdom. His preaching helps young people discover their God-given identities, and empowers them to become leaders of change and influence in their cities, schools, and families.

Colton- Youth Ministry 5 Years

As a personal friend of Josh's, I have seen him pour out his heart and soul into teens over the years! He has always made loud the message of Jesus and championed truth. As a result, countless teens have had their lives changed as they've encountered the reality of God.

Derrick- Volunteer Teen Worker

[Josh's preaching is] effective for teens because [he has] a true passion​ for teens and that comes out in [his] preaching. [He]​ knows how to get and keep their attention with his ability to modernize the stories of the Bible.

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